7 Casseroles To Warm You Up When Your Flatmate Won’t Turn The Heating On

Photo Courtesy Of Top With Cinnamon
It's cold, it's wet, and your flatmate has somehow muscled control of the thermostat and refuses to turn on the heat until the end of November. There are only so many layers of cardigans and blankets you can wear – you need to warm yourself from the inside, too.
Which is where casserole comes in. We're taking the loosest definition of a casserole here – if it's cooked in the oven in what you'd call a casserole dish, then it's a casserole. So as well as the more traditional Mediterranean-style stews you'll find pasta bakes, enchiladas and shepherd's pies, all designed to feel like a warming hug in an ovenproof dish.
Perfect for batch cooking and feeding you through the week or, alternatively, as a peace offering to your temperature-controlled flatmate, there's a casserole for every type of eater. Dig in before it's all gone.

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