This Is What You Wear To Get Into Berghain

No other club in the world is so shrouded in myth as Berghain in Berlin. Every tourist wants to get in, standing in the infamous queue for hours and hours, only to later be rejected by the ruthless bouncer. While locals generally have a better chance, there are no safe bets, for it is true what they say about Berghain: it's the world's hardest door.

If you're one of the elite that has made it past Sven Marquardt and his colleagues, you will know that every second in the club is worth it. When you enter the holy halls of the former heat and power station, you can feel the singular vibe that sets Berghain apart from anything else you've ever experienced. You feel the ear-piercingly loud music with the visceral bass and it makes your heart stop for a second. Music lovers will know what I am talking about: It is the best stereo system in the world, and it touches your soul.

After you reassure yourself that your heart is indeed beating again, you see them – the people – dancing as if there's no tomorrow. Berghain allows everyone to be the way they want to be. No one is being watched or judged and this freedom is also applied to style. Whether it's a full look in black, a red lace dress or a yellow shirt, fashion here is not about trends, but self-expression.

This week our photographer Britt Tina Margaretha made her way to the cult club on a Sunday afternoon and caught people leaving the holy grail of techno, celebrating life, love and the unique Berghain experience.
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Patricia, 32, Coach
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Studs to get in to Berghain? If you style them as casually as Patricia, the answer's yes.
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Nicole, 30, Student
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It's not just a cliché: Wearing head-to-toe black works when standing in the queue.
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Isabelle, 26, Marketing and PR
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50 shades of black? Isabelle wears a casual combination of T-shirt, culottes and trainers.
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Susukatofel, 24
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What you'll never need at Berghain: a big bag, or an IT bag. A bum bag is much more practical.
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Meg Mcconville, 21, Makeup artist
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Here Meg combines slinky fishnet stockings, cosy socks and sporty trainers...
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...and she isn't afraid to make a whole outfit out of underwear!
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Meg's look is completed with black lipstick, double earrings and eyeliner.
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Beatrice, 40, Historian
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Most important when it comes to choosing shoes for Berghain: No stiletto heels and nothing higher than 8 cm. Beatrice made the right choice with her block heel.
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Paulina, 27 & Sara, 30, both teachers
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Marta Dyachenko, 25 & Anna Bajanova, 30, both architect students
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Three is a trend: The bum bag is definitely the favourite accessory at Berghain.
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Jasmine, 26, fashion design student
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Accessorise a total black look with: a tattoo!
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Sarah, 25, Student
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No one cares about body hair at Berghain. In fact, it will probably work in your favour.
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Nina, 21, politics student
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Chokers are mainstream now but S&M accessories have always been a thing at Berghain.
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Ok don't let the bum bag steal the thunder! Nina forgoes a bra, wearing gaffa tap under her black, lace body.
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Lou, 22 & Sarah, 18, both graphic design students
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Straight out of the '90s. Love Parade, where are you?
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Bum bag number five meets arm party meets bellybutton piercing.
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Beside the bum bag, sunglasses are another major accessory that you'll need at Berghain. Don't ask why...
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Anna Bowitz, 23, Student
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This outfit is curated down to the tiniest detail. Anna proves it doesn't always have to be the total black-on-black techno look.
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Yijun Tao, 28, flight assistant
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When it gets too hot inside, Yujin whips out her fan. Not only beautiful but practical at the same time. You'll know what we mean when you are dancing for hours on the dance floor and suddenly someone fans you for a few seconds!

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