5 Times This New Fashion Podcast Stopped Us In Our Tracks

"For a long time, I thought fashion was broken. And it definitely nearly broke me."
So begins Fashion Fix, a new BBC Sounds weekly podcast hosted by self-described "model-in-the-middle" Charli Howard. And if you’ve read a few headlines lately, you might feel the same way. More polluting than the shipping and aviation industries combined, we’re increasingly aware that fast fashion can be as toxic for our self-esteem as it is for the planet – emptying our bank balances and filling up our wardrobes with unloved garms, even as it tells us we don’t fit the rigid 'ideal'.

Howard is a woman on a mission to prove that the world of fashion isn’t beyond repair. In fact, it’s evolving into something far stronger and infinitely more creative than before.

The podcast is a fascinating peek behind the fitting room screen at the ethical issues affecting the way we shop and dress – and the new faces, voices and innovators trying to change them. From body diversity and the modest fashion movement to sustainable design and hardcore thrifting, Howard’s guests offer a vision of a new fashion industry; one that’s kinder and more inclusive. A way, as she puts it, "to look good and do good – while feeling good."
Fashion Fix is available every Friday on BBC Sounds. Here are five killer quotes from the series to give you a taste.

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