The Full Moon In Libra Will Amp Up Your Intuition (So Pay Attention!)

Photo: Ganapathy Kumar/Unsplash.
Full moons give big light and carry big reputations. For as long as we’ve been bathing in their rays, humans have had a story about the moon — what it means, who it affects, and how long we’re allowed to gaze at it before we succumb to its power. This week’s full moon in Libra comes from a long history of moons that pack a punch, a lineage of luminaries. But, she’s also distinct — outlined by the vastness of this particular moment in time and all its complexities.
On the day the full moon perfects, she takes her traditional position opposite the Sun in Aries. Meanwhile, Mars (ruler of Aries) shifts into Pisces, where it is co-present with Venus (lord of Libra), and the power-duo Neptune and Jupiter (both considered rulers of Pisces by different traditions). The intensity of this Piscean influence is notable, soaking the stars with sensitivity and dissolving boundaries indiscriminately. Meanwhile, both the Sun and the moon make a tense square to Pluto in Capricorn, kicking up old troubles and challenging our resolve.
It’s a good thing to remember that despite how close each and every one of us can feel to the full moon, how intimate her presence outside our bedroom windows is, cosmic events affect everyone differently. That said, full moons are well known for bringing our relationships into stark relief, raising our intuition up a notch (or 20!), and filling our cups to the brim with emotions.
They’re also considered the end of a lunar cycle and represent the culmination of all that’s transpired and come to light since the moon was new. Heightened emotions are not uncommon when it comes to such endings and can be expected in this case. Especially since this full moon marks more than the end of a lunar cycle, it marks the close of the eclipse cycle that began in November 2021 with the lunar eclipse in Taurus followed by the solar eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2021.
With heightened emotions on the horizon, the Libra moon longs for clarity and understanding, an examination of the lines that have crossed and an agreement toward repair. She is not without resources. The Libra moon makes a trine to Saturn in Aquarius, a disciplined placement that looks to the future for instructions. The Libra moon believes that the relationships we make secure us to our own humanity, that agreement is not only possible but necessary. Venus, Libra’s ruler, sparkles in Pisces, echoing these sentiments and inviting connection across great divides. And, while the Libra moon opposes the individualistic Sun in Aries, she makes a gentle flowing to trine to Mars in Pisces — a placement that knows all actions are delicately interconnected.
It’s this understanding that bolsters the Libra Moon, even as she makes an inconjunct aspect to Jupiter and Neptune. This aspect might make it hard for us earthlings to see beyond our gestures in good faith. It might make some Cardinal moon babes feel particularly downhearted, especially with Pluto in the mix. Pluto in Capricorn isn’t exactly a new influence, it’s been casting a shadow on Cardinal placements since 2008.
But, with only two years left under the stars of Capricorn, Pluto has its own loose ends to tie up and endings to grieve. The square that both the Sun and the moon make to Pluto isn’t a prescription for doom and gloom. It’s a t-square that finds a release under the stars of Cancer — where showing yourself emotional respect is key. And, it’s a challenge like all squares are: to face what you fear about yourself head on, to locate yourself somewhere between the myth of aloneness and the fear of intimacy.

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