Pisces Season Is Here To Calm Down The Chaos

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After starting off 2022 strong in the forward-moving sign of Aquarius, the Sun is shifting into its next spot in the sky: Pisces. On February 18, we'll be splashing head-first into the astrological season of the fish, where daydreamers, creatives, and romantics will be sure to flourish until the start of Aries season on March 20. And for the next month, we're in for quite a treat.
"Pisces season is always an opportunity to slow down and relax," says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and author of Moon Signs: Unlock Your Luminary Power. "As the very last sign of the zodiac wheel, Pisces encompasses the learnings that we accumulated during the entire astrological year, bringing us the opportunity to reflect on the journey we have been on for the past 11 months." Use this time to look back at where you were in February 2021. What's changed? What hasn't? What are your goals, your dreams, your desires for the year ahead? This month, reflection is key. When the new astrological year starts once again, the time we've spent on introspection will help us really get down to business.
Our compassionate sides may shine more during Pisces season, according to Leslie Hale, psychic astrologer at "Compassion is a significant Pisces trait. You may feel this way toward others and it can be reciprocated toward you," she says. "You will likely feel more in tune with those around you or your significant other than you have in a long time. Dreams may be very intense and vivid this month."
While these vibes are already in the air due to the Sun in Pisces, there's actually a pile-up of Piscean energy at the start of this astrological season, with the Sun, Neptune, and Jupiter all hanging out in the sign of the fish. Yana Yanovich, an astrologer at Nebula, says that when Pisces energy is so strongly manifested like this, it's wise for us to tread on the careful side. "It goes without saying that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing," she says. "The energy of Pisces is about being compassionate, receptive, and sympathetic, but if you go overboard with it, then it may lead to being manipulated and taken advantage of." Pisces is the sign of the daydreamer, and while this is a fun and positive aspect of this sign's personality, Yanovich is right. It's totally fine to let your head soar to the clouds this month, as long as you remember to keep your feet — or even just one toe — firmly planted on the ground.
Montúfar says that Pisces season will set in motion one of the most important planetary aspects of 2022: the conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. The conjunction itself only happens once every 12.5 years, but these two planets haven’t even met in Pisces since 1856. Although this planetary connection won't reach its climax until Aries season, Pisces season is actually when we'll "begin to see how this rare conjunction manifests for us personally and collectively," Montúfar says. This is because the Sun, Venus, and Mars will all be activating Jupiter and Neptune, "giving us a preview of all the sweet things astrologers are expected from this astrological transit."
Previously, Montúfar told Refinery29 that this event will "bring more romance and creativity, as well as a deeper sense of spirituality," and added that we'll probably see the effects in pop culture, too.
Besides this major transit, a recurring theme of 2022's Pisces season is romance. This is because Venus and Mars will be traveling very close to one another in the sky. "Since Venus rules love and Mars rules sex, we can expect to feel a deep pull to focus on an existing relationship or building new ones," Montúfar says. "Singles will be meeting new love interests and people who are in a relationship could be taking it to the next level around the time Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius on March 6, and when both connect with Neptune on February 22 and 23."
Be aware of the energy coming to us on March 13, due to the Sun and Neptune aligning in Pisces. This "will add a little bit of exhaustion, paranoia, sentimentality, creativity, and intuition to our overall energy of the day," according to Lisa Stardust, author of Saturn Return Survival Guide and The Astrology Deck. "This is not the time to make decisions, rather to weigh options and to think about all of the possibilities." Weighing your options may include reaching out to your loved ones and trusted confidantes before you make a choice that'll affect the rest of your life.
But we shouldn't get too bogged down this month. Madi Murphy, co-founder of The Cosmic RX and The Cosmic Revolution says that during this Pisces season, we should focus on more expressive and soulful activities. "It’s time to cleanse our spirits, pay attention to our dreams, listen to our intuition and create like no one is watching," she says. "The last sign of the zodiac wants us to embrace our sensitive sides, our inner childlike wonder, and our artistic visions. This is a time to paint, make playlists, read and write poetry, and let the floodgates to your own cosmic consciousness be blasted wide open!"
In other words, open your mind — the positive energy of Pisces season will be sure to follow.

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