This Is The Perfume Every Cool Girl Will Be Wearing This Autumn

The first time I was ever called savage, it was by a man. That sounds terrible, I know. It was for a sarcastic comeback in a university bar — and it was something my friends nicknamed me for years to come. When I graduated and moved to the city, I learned that my sharp wit wasn't something to apologise for — especially to a guy who approached me in a bar thinking I was as soft and innocent as my wide eyes, freckles, and 5'1 frame might suggest. And I finally found a fragrance that bottles up that feeling.
Savage Rose, from the Scandinavian fashion brand Anine Bing, is the company's first step into the beauty sector. When I asked the designer about the inspiration, Bing explained that the scent's essence is a representation of the duality in women, "I wanted this fragrance to feel less traditional than the rose scents that are out there. I've always loved rose, but sometimes it's too precious, so I mixed it with notes like black pepper and musk, making sure it was the perfect blend that didn't feel overly feminine."
Like any real rose, the oil is plush, romantic, and fresh. But give it another chance and you'll notice something darker lying beneath the top notes. That's the black pepper — spicy and unapologetic; it's what's so intoxicating about the juice. Wrapped in an unassuming bottle, labeled with a name you think you know, this fragrance leaves you surprised and wanting more because it's the opposite of what you imagined.
Anine Bing Savage Rose Perfume Oil, $65 (£49.93), available 23rd August at Anine Bing.
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