How Running Gave This Woman The Confidence To Own Her Vitiligo

When you think of running, it's easy to focus on the physical aspects. There's the sweat, the breathlessness, the tired legs and that feeling that you can't keep going... But then you do.
There's more, though.
Running can make you feel free and in control all at once. It can give you the headspace to think and the confidence to break through your comfort zone. After all, knowing that your body and mind are propelling you forward is a hugely powerful thing. For many, it's when they feel most alive.
In 2011, Eva Khyne-Sam was diagnosed with vitiligo, a condition caused by a lack of melanin in the skin. She began to feel as though she was losing her identity; that she wasn't able to recognise herself when she looked in the mirror. It was through the freedom of running that Eva started to regain her confidence and began feeling comfortable in her own skin again. "It allows me to process my thoughts," Eva explains. "It allows me to just be myself."
Eva wears UltraBOOST X Shoes, £139.95, which have a unique adaptive arch designed to mould to each individual for added support while running; Warp Knit Tights, £69.95; Primeknit Hooded Tee, £84.95. All available at adidas.

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