Nicole Kidman’s Accent Puts The Strange In Amazon Prime’s Nine Perfect Strangers

Photo: Courtesy of Hulu.
If you were told to go to a secluded and beautiful house to heal from your traumas and mistakes would you do it? Even if the host doesn’t allude to how you’ll be healed and casually says things like, “You’re mine now, and you want to be mine”? Whether or not you would go in real life, Amazon Prime is giving us the opportunity to experience it along with nine other guests in the series Nine Perfect Strangers premiering on August 20th.
A new teaser for the series is here’s strange for sure. 
In it, Nicole Kidman stars as the main character, Masha, who welcomes her guests in an even-toned, hoarse greeting: “We’re gonna get you well.” If you listen carefully, your ears will perk up at the sound of Masha’s hard-to-place accent that’s both soothing and chilling. With her long blonde hair and almost soulless expressions, Kidman transforms into a cult-y wellness leader who is little off. The suspense builds as the star-studded cast arrives for their wellness journey and we get glimpses at the dark turns that await them. There’s an aggressive fight at a dinner table, lots of tears and screaming, and guests laying in what appear to be shallow graves. Melissa McCarthy, one of the many accomplished cast members, plays a role very different from the comedic parts (Bridesmaids, Spy, Identity Thief) we're used to seeing her in. In the trailer, she drives up to the retreat because she’s “in need of some fixing.” Vague, but intriguing. Based on Liane Moriarty’s book by the same name, the series will also star Regina Hall, Michael Shannon, Luke Evans, and “The Chi”’s Tiffany Boone. Let’s see who realises first this form of healing might require more than they bargained for.  

Watch the trailer for Nine Perfect Strangers, coming to Amazon Prime on August 20th.

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