Bring Out Your Inner Aries & Put Yourself First (& Second & Third)

Photographed by Jessica Garcia.
Aries season always seems to bring out the fire in all of us (but that might be my Aries sun talking). The weather is turning warmer, and there's a special electricity in the air as the new astrological year begins once again. Sure, we set resolutions (or not) in January. But to me, the start of Aries season on 20th March — the same day as the Spring Equinox — marks the year's actual clean slate.
"It’s the astrological new year, which means it’s time to make a fresh start in our lives," says Lisa Stardust, an astrologer based in New York City. This season, our drive and determination will skyrocket, and we'll feel as though we can to do anything we set our minds to. "The fiery energy will put wind in our sails and motivate us to move forward with our visions," Stardust says. Get creative, make a to-do list, ask for that promotion — things will be happening, so you'd better be prepared for them.
Narayana Montúfar, a senior astrologer for, says that another reason the season of the Ram is such a big deal is that the sun is exalted (i.e. right at home) in Aries. "This means that there is a renewal of solar energy in all of us, regardless of our sun sign," she explains. "For the next month, we get the chance to re-explore what it means for each one of us to be a Gemini, a Leo, or even a Capricorn sun." It's an exciting time, one that's strongly oriented toward self-discovery. Buckle up.
While Pisces season put us more in tune with those around us, Aries season is all about being in tune with ourselves, notes Leslie Hale, a psychic astrologer for "When the sun moves from Pisces into Aries, we come back to what our own desires and needs are and how to go about meeting them."
Aries is a strong, bold sign, and in true Aries fashion, this season is pushing us to be confident and to chase our goals. Montúfar says that the sign of the Ram can be interpreted as competitive or carrying a me-first vibe — but that's not always a bad thing. A little selfishness can come in handy when going after our dreams. So let things be all about you for once; put your needs, your desires, and your goals first. The charismatic aura of the Ram is behind you. "At its best, Aries energy is warm, fun, and characteristic of a true leader," she says.
This Aries season is also a great time for breathing fresh air into our romantic partnerships. "The focus on relationships that began during Pisces season still resonates during Aries season," Montúfar says. She gives two reasons for this: "For one, the sun and Venus have been traveling together, and on 26th March they finally form their sweet conjunction, which is set to bestow gifts within relationships," she says. Plan a fun date night on this day, or just let your partner know that you appreciate them to take full advantage of the positive transit.
"The other one reason is that this season’s full moon will happen in Libra, the most relationship-oriented sign of all," Montúfar adds. She advises us to be aware of how we feel, and to expect to spend some time working through a situation that may crop up within a close relationship around this lunation. "In the true Libra way, weighting our options will be necessary," she says.
In all, Aries season allows each of us the chance to be a star. "Your confidence will likely be inspired over the next month, even if you are normally a shy or retiring person," Hale says. "You probably won’t need the validations of others, as you will give it to yourself." Self-love is a major theme this month, so take advantage of the strong Aries spirit and let yourself shine.

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