Everything We Know About Emily in Paris Season 2

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Emily (Lily Collins) won’t be leaving Paris anytime soon. The escapist and irresistible Emily in Paris — which had the internet divided and actual Parisians up in arms — was renewed for a second season back in November, and although it might not hit our Netflix screens anytime soon, the cast and creator have promised fans (and hate-viewers) more colourful hats, romantic twists, and très dramatique misadventures.
In season 1, Emily was still getting her bearings. “You know what I love about this show? It's that we didn’t have a transformation scene where Emily came from the Midwest and she went to Paris, went into a dressing room, and came out ‘Emily in Paris.’ And was all of a sudden accepted and embraced,” Collins told Refinery29. But next time we see her, Emily won’t be a nervous new expat. After a season of mishaps, she managed to salvage her job, find a new roommate in her friend Mindy (Ashley Park)... and also end up smack-dab in the middle of a pretty hot love triangle. Emily might be in Paris, but she’s also in trouble.
Here’s everything we know about Emily in Paris, round deux.

Is Emily in Paris season 2 filming?

Not yet. Because of COVID-19, the cast has had to hold off on travelling to Paris for the time being, but Collins told Deadline that she hopes filming picks back up this spring. “Of course there are so many regulations right now and we want to be safe, but we want to get back,” said Collins.

Will the entire cast return for Emily in Paris Season 2?

Collins will return, of course, and so will her castmates Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat, Ashley Park, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Samuel Arnold, and Bruno Gouery, who all appeared in Netflix’s season 2 announcement. Emily in Paris mastermind Darren Star told Glamour that he also hopes to bring back Kate Walsh, who appears in just two episodes as Emily’s American boss.
“We had all these storylines with Kate Walsh’s character coming back in season 1, but it would have been a blind alley of having her come and leave. There was just too much story for Emily,” Star said. “I think in season 2, I would love to see Kate Walsh in Paris.”

What will Emily in Paris season 2 be about?

If season 1 was about Emily acclimating to Paris, meeting new friends and love interests, and steadily growing her Instagram following, season 2 will really be about Emily living in Paris. “She’s going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in,” Star told Maybe she’s gotten the hang of the French language, too.
Collins, meanwhile, hopes that the different factions of Emily’s world — including her coworkers, friends, and love interests — intermingle more in season 2, which will likely happen now that Mindy (Park) and Emily are living together. And speaking of the show’s supporting characters, Star says we’ll hopefully learn more about their different backstories.
“I’d like to explore so much more of the supporting cast, like Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, who plays Emily’s boss,” he said in a Vanity Fair interview. “I think we’ve just scratched the surface of who she is and what makes her tick… I certainly have a lot of thoughts about where I’d like to see things going.”

Where is that Emily, Gabriel, and Camille love triangle headed?

In season 1, Emily in Paris devotes a lot of screentime to Emily’s clear sexual tension with her neighbour Gabriel (Bravo) and her emerging friendship with his sophisticated girlfriend Camille (Razat). As Emily starts spending more and more time with Camille, it becomes both more difficult and more imperative to fight off her feelings for Gabriel. 
That is, until the finale. Under the impression that Gabriel will be leaving town the next morning, Emily finally acts on their chemistry, only to find out that — surprise! — Gabriel isn’t actually going anywhere. And Camille wants to talk.
“I think Camille will be mad for a little amount of time, but she really loves Emily. So she's just going to, as an adult, just discuss that with her, and try to understand why they did this,” Razat told Collider. “And how are they going to manage this? Because obviously, I think Camille, anyways, wants to stay friends with Emily. It's going to be more complicated for Gabriel.”
Bravo also hinted that a relationship between Emily and Camille might not be completely off the table. “We planted a few seeds about different characters. Like Camille, when she kisses Emily on the mouth and she’s like, ‘I’m not sorry.’ And then when they’re in bed and I’m liking the picture, it’s all little seeds,” he told Cosmopolitan. “Anything could happen among the three of them. I think Darren wants this second season to be really open-minded.”
But, as Star pointed out, the Emily is Paris love triangle is technically a love square: Emily also has Mathieu (Charles Martins), and “we haven’t really seen the potential of that relationship yet,” Star told Collider. Grab some wine and macarons, because season 2 might be even messier than season 1.

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