Kristen Bell Is Considering This Controversial Hair Treatment

Photo: Rich Polk/Getty Images.
Actress Kristen Bell kicked off December with a candid selfie and a question for her followers: "Do I need to get a perm?" The accompanying photo showed the actress posed makeup-free with crimped, wavy hair. While we're all used to seeing Bell with her blonde bob styled straight, it sounds like the star is considering changing things up — possibly (semi-)permanently.
After explaining that the new wavy texture was the result of braiding her hair to go under a wig for a movie she is currently filming, Bell says she's pleasantly surprised with the post-production outcome. "When I take my braided hair out at the end of the week, this is what I get," she wrote in her caption. "And I am INTO IT."
Fans flooded the comments to share their thoughts. Some were very pro-perm, while others suggested she keep braiding it rather than semi-permanently alter her natural hair texture. Some even proposed a happy medium, suggesting Bell buy a crimping iron so she can easily recreate the look whenever she wants.
Perms have come a long way since the '80s; gone are the chemical texturising treatments that leave hair poofy. Now, perms can result in anything from tight coils to loose waves, all with a lot less damage than before. Even crimping irons have gotten a major update. Sure, you can totally opt for the tight '90s crimp, but you can also choose a looser bend that, when lightly brushed out, creates a beachy, free-flowing texture. Whether Bell decides to keep up the braiding technique, buy a new hot tool, or actually go for the modern perm, we love that she's considering the possibilities.

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