We’re Bringing Back Crimped Waves — Here’s How To Do It

appearance by Katy Ching.
Even the most seemingly dated of beauty trends can sneak their way back in style when you least expect it. Case in point? The kinky, crimped waves of '80s and '90s infamy, back with a vengeance in an even cooler air than ever today. No longer the tight, sawtoothed style of its decades-old heyday, today's crimp is looser in style, more uniform in bend, and fully brushed out for a free-flowing effect. Equipped with our trusty TRESemmé dry spray (which is available now for purchase at Shoppers Drug Mart) and a few key hot tools, we're showing off how to bring the crimped look up to speed in the video just above. Because, hey, a little nostalgia never killed nobody.

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