Drew Barrymore Shares The Tale Of Her Grandfather’s Body Being Stolen From The Morgue

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
Heard the story about the group of men who hatch a plan to break into a morgue and retrieve the body of their dead friend for one last adventure? It's not a plot for the next big Hollywood film — it's just the latest wild tale from Drew Barrymore.
Barrymore shared details about the unthinkable but one hundred percent true story during a recent appearance on the YouTube series Hot Ones. Host Sean Evans brought up the actress' grandfather John Barrymore during the episode, asking Barrymore if she knew anything about the popular rumour surrounding the late Hollywood icon.
“Is it true that your grandfather’s body was stolen from the morgue by WC Fields, Errol Flynn and Sadakichi Hartmann so that they could prop him up against a poker table and throw one last party with the guy?” Evans inquired.
According to Barrymore, the rumours are true — and they might have been the inspiration for a number of notable Hollywood productions.
"There have been cinematic interpretations of that,” Barrymore confirmed while eating her hot wings. “A Blake Edwards film called S.O.B that’s just brilliant and fun to watch. “I’ve heard things [about Weekend at Bernie's], but I can’t know ever if that’s even true.”
Rather than being weirded about by the story, Barrymore sees the body snatching as an act of genuine friendship.
"I will say this, I hope my friends do the same for me,” she laughed. “That is the kind of spirit I can get behind. Just prop the old bag up, let’s have a few last rounds!"

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