8 Couples, 8 Sweet Love Stories On Netflix’s Say I Do

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Queer Eye fans, listen up, because Netflix's new reality show Say I Do is the show for you. Say I Do follows eight couples' weddings, thrown together in only a week's time but with the most magical and heartwarming of outcomes.
Oh, and the weddings are a surprise to one half of the couple who think that the show is just about their love story, but they're really being surprised by their significant other with the proposal and wedding of a lifetime.
The series is hosted by three men who make the couple's every wedding dream come together. Jeremiah Brent of TLC's Nate & Jeremiah by Design is the decor and design expert who puts the venue together. Thai Nguyen is the fashion expert who helps each duo look their best on the big day. And Gabriele Bertaccini is this show's Antoni Porowski, serving up delicious food for the couple and their wedding guests.
But just as Queer Eye is about more than a makeover, Say I Do is about more than a wedding. Jeremiah, Thai, and Gabriele connect to each of their couples and help them navigate larger issues like addiction, death, adoption, and more. Here's what viewers can expect from each episode.

Episode 1: Marcus & Tiffany

The Couple: Marcus and Tiffany met in college and previously got married seven years prior. But it was decidedly not the wedding of Tiffany's dreams. The groomsmen showed up drunk, the groom was hungover, and Tiffany hated her hair, makeup, and dress. To top it all off, there was a fire in their reception hall and the guests had to evacuate into the rainy outdoors. 
Why They're On The Show: Marcus wanted to surprise Tiffany with a wedding re-do to bring a little joy back into her life. She'd recently lost both her dad and sister and needed something positive to focus on.
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: What wasn't the most-tear-jerking moment? This whole episode will have anyone in tears. But when Jeremiah went the extra mile to give her a lasting commemoration of her father and sister, there wasn't a dry eye anywhere. 
The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: Thai took a big risk and designed a black wedding dress for Tiffany, in part to represent and honor her father. 

Episode 2: Michael & Alex

The Couple: Michael and Alex met at a restaurant where Michael was getting a drink after his home was robbed. That's when Alex walked up and stole his heart. They've been together for eight years, and she's currently eight months pregnant. They're also parents to Michael's two nephews, whom he took in because their mother was struggling with addiction.
Why They're On The Show: Michael said he couldn't propose to Alex without being able to give her the wedding of her dreams. And money's been tight with a home purchase, two unexpected children, and a third on the way. This was finally his chance to do things right.
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: When Michael couldn't afford the ring he wanted, one of his nephews offered to help pay. "I have $185," he sweetly said. But don't worry, Netflix wouldn't let Michael go without the engagement ring of Alex's dreams. 
The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: Michael wanted a carnival themed wedding, so the big challenge was how to make it classy. Did they succeed? Viewers can decide. 

Episode 3: Nikko & Amber

The Couple: This duo met at school, and Nikko knew it was meant to be. On day two of classes, he told Amber, "I know this sounds crazy, and I don't know how this is going to happen, but we're gonna be together." At the time, Amber had a boyfriend. But Nikko was right, and they ended up gravitating towards each other. They've been together for three years. 
Why They're On The Show: Nikko and Amber had struggled financially, so he hadn't been able to give her the wedding of her dreams. They'd also been busy with their son and raising Nikko's two children from his previous relationship. Now it was finally time to put their relationship first. 
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: Nikko and his mother had a strained relationship due to her being in law enforcement and Nikko having a rough past. But the two came together for a heart-to-heart that will warm yours.
The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: The taco wall at their ceremony is #weddinggoals. 

Episode 4: Melvin & Mattie

The Couple: This is a love story about reconnection. Mattie and Melvin grew up together, with Mattie being Melvin's best friend’s little sister. After Melvin went into the Navy, they lost touch. But they reconnected 50 years later and they were ready for a chance at love. 
Why They're On The Show: Melvin couldn't afford a big wedding, but he saw how much good Mattie did for others and he wanted to give her the ceremony she was worthy of having. 
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: Mattie was in the process of adopting her daughter's children. One of them, named Matilda, spoke about how Mattie made her feel so accepted for the first time in her life. It was clear how much Mattie meant to those around her. 
The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: Before they got married, Mattie and Melvin had an important talk about some of their shortcomings in the relationship. Mattie wanted to go into the ceremony knowing she was on solid ground, so she laid it all on the table during the conversation. Usually wedding reality shows are all about fantasy and rarely about reality, so this was a grounding moment. 

Episode 5: Joe & Kerry

The Couple: Joe fell in love with Kerry when they were in Kindergarten, but his family unexpectedly had to move when he was five and they lost touch. After 20 years, they happened to reconnect in an Old Navy and they've been together ever since. 
Why They're On The Show: Joe and Kerry don't have much money, and Joe especially grew up with almost nothing. But he wants to propose to and marry Kerry with the ring and the wedding she deserves. 
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: Joe told the series' hosts that he had never owned new clothing, with his wardrobe mostly coming from thrift stores. So when he was gifted a new suit for his proposal, it was a magical moment. 
The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: Kerry's own frugality showed through when she brought her old wedding dress from a previous engagement to her dress fitting. To her surprise, Thai was dead set on making her a custom gown instead. There was no comparison between the two dresses. 

Episode 6: Jason & Jonathan

The Couple: Jason and Jonathan got engaged in 2015 after gay marriage was legalized in the United States. But their wedding went on the backburner when Jason was diagnosed with stage four cancer.
Why They're On The Show: Now one year cancer-free, Jason wanted to finally follow through on that wedding. He was so grateful for Jonathan's help in caring for him when he was sick, and now Jason wanted to give him the wedding of his dreams.
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: Knowing that Jason and Jonathan are ready to start a family, Jeremiah helped set them up with an adoption lawyer. Getting one step closer to growing their family overwhelmed the couple with emotion.
The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: Jason requested a winter wonderland wedding theme for his Christmas-obsessed fiancé. The way it turned out was pretty spectacular.

Episode 7: Bruce & Essie

The Couple: When Bruce and Essie met, she knew right away that he was her soulmate. But they've been through hard times together, like when Bruce got in a farming accident and almost lost his ability to walk.
Why They're On The Show: Bruce said that Essie doesn’t ever do anything for herself, so he wanted her to have a wedding day that was all about her.
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: Essie had a rough childhood and, as a result, wasn't at the same learning level as some of her peers. She spent most of her life thinking she wasn't smart, because she struggled with things like reading and spelling. Jeremiah set her up with a cognitive therapist who helped Essie see, for the first time, that she is smart.
The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: Bruce proposed to Essie with a song he wrote, but it was sweet and not at all as cringy as when Jed Wyatt sang to Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette

Episode 8: Skyler & Randy

The Couple: Skyler and Randy met on a dating app and have been together for seven years, but they've struggled because Randy is not as comfortable with his identity — especially because some family members have been intolerant. 
Why They're On The Show: Skyler knew that Randy deserved a chance to be a proud gay man, so Skyler wanted to give Randy a wedding where Randy could shine and have some pure joy in his life.
Most Tear-Jerking Moment: The hosts took Randy to an LGBTQ+ bar where other people shared their stories to show Randy that he wasn't not alone.

The Biggest Highlight Of The Episode: The wedding looks that Thai designed for Randy and Skyler were stunning, down to the crowns that he had made for each man.

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