Halle Berry Shared Her DIY Face Mask Recipe — & It’s So Easy

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images.
If there's one celebrity who discovered the Fountain of Youth and installed a pipeline directly to their house, it's Halle Berry. No matter how much time passes, the award-winning actress seemingly ages in reverse. That's why we're so thankful that Berry has decided to use her time in quarantine to give us all an in-depth look at her elusive skin-care routine. Just one month after teaching us how to do a facial at home, Berry is back with her favourite DIY face mask recipe.
Berry took to the Instagram page of her digital health and wellness community, Rē-Spin, to share both the pantry ingredients and steps of her at-home face mask. "No better time than now for a #SelfcareSunday… Today, I'm sharing one of my favourite at-home face mask recipes, using ingredients a lot of you will already have in the kitchen," she captioned the same photo on her personal account. "This potion brightens, tightens, reduces fine lines, and enhances that natural glow… and it's super easy."
The simple recipe calls for two tablespoons of brewed green tea, one pinch of turmeric powder, half a teaspoon of lemon juice⁣⁣, and one-fourth of a cup of plain yogurt. To begin, Berry mixes all of these ingredients in a bowl, making sure to stir vigorously. She then layers it on her face and leaves the DIY mask on for three minutes. Afterwards, Berry smooths a second layer on top of the first coat and waits 10 minutes before rinsing it all off with cold water. "Apply moisturiser per usual," she says at the end of her tutorial.
er per usual," she says at the end of her tutorial.
Berry is one of many celebs hopping onto the self-care train in Hollywood. Hilary Duff recently shared her extensive bath routine and Martha Stewart shared her own tips for quarantine beauty. Based on her recent posts on her community platform, it seems that we can only expect more beauty breakdowns from Berry, and we couldn't be more excited.

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