Take A 5-Minute Break To Look At These Delightful Pet Portraits — You Deserve It

We’re just gonna say it: We all need a heavy helping of TLC right now. But a lot of the go-to pick-me-ups that used to make us feel better (banana bread recipes, viral videos of famous people singing) just don’t hit the same anymore. We need something in addition to chicken soup for our souls. We need bone broth...for our squee reflexes.
With that in mind, we asked some of our favourite photographers to capture their best quarantine buddies — their pets! — just being their adorable selves. From a psychedelic chicken to a shopaholic snail, the results are aww-inducing, inside-soothing, and 99.9% guaranteed to give you a break from feeling like a pile of slop.
Photographed by Amy Lombard.
Sasha Elena Lombard

Age: 8 years old on April 4! Quarantine birthday for Sasha this year.
Location: Jackson Heights, NYC
Favourite Food: Bananas
Favourite Activity: Licking feet and barking at nothing.

Owned by Amy Lombard, @amylombard
Photographed by Holly Andres.
Sophia (left, bottom) & Sylvia (right, top)

Age: Sophia is Sweet 16 and Baby Sylvia is 10
Location: Portland, Oregon
Favourite Food: Sophia enjoys Deckhand Tuna out of the can, while Sylvia prefers Fancy Feast, Savoury Salmon Classic Paté. They both prefer water from the fishbowl.
Favourite Activity: Sophia just loves basking in the sunshine like a leathery Miami mama, and Sylvia finds the most joy riding on my shoulders like a crazy lil monkey.

Owned by Holly Andres, @hollyandres
Photographed by Winnie Au.
Clementine The Basset Hound

Age: 10-11 (rescued around age 4-6)
Location: At home in our bedroom (in Brooklyn, NY)
Favourite Food: String Cheese, Babybel 
Favourite Activity: Sleeping/Napping and occasionally running around our house in circles in between naps.

Owned by Winnie Au, @winniewow
Photographed by Savana Ogburn
Winter (Standard Chinchilla Rabbit)

Age: 1 Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Favourite Food: Fresh cilantro 
Favourite Activity: Chewing anything in sight

Owned by Savana Ogburn, @savanaogburn
Photographed by Kathryn Parker Almanas.
Photographed by Kathryn Parker Almanas.
Photographed by Kathryn Parker Almanas.
Voodoo (pictured with grapes)

Age: 3 years
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Favourite Food: Whole-milk yogurt
Favourite Activity: Sitting in front of the bathroom heating vent.

Ghost (pictured with strawberries)

Age: 1 year
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Favourite Food: Cucumber slices Favourite Activity: Sleeping in my (Kathryn’s) hoodie.

Ouija (pictured with watermelon) 

Age: 4 years
Location: Rhode Island, USA
Favorite Food: Jello Favourite
Activity: Standing over the kitchen heating vent.

Owned by Kathryn Parker Almanas, @xkpax
Photographed by Aleia Murawski.

Age: 3 years old 
Location: Mall of America 
Favourite Food: Bubble tea (and sweet potatoes)
Favourite Activity: Francis misses the comfort and madness of the mall, & shopping for objects to fill the void.

Owned by Aleia Murawski, @aleia
Photographed by Suzanne Saroff.

Age: 4 months
Location: NYC
Favourite Food: Freeze Dried Minnows
Favourite Activity: Wrestling with his big brother (a large orange tabby cat).

Owned by Suzanne Saroff, @hisuzanne
Photographed by Vanessa Granda.
Matisse — yes, after the painter

Age: 1 year, 3 months
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Favourite Food:  Bananas and Scrunchies
Favourite Activity: Looking out the window and howling at sirens.

Owned by Vanessa Granda, @ohmynessa
Photographed by Morgan Sloan
Photographed by Morgan Sloan.
Rhea (pictured on pink)

Age: 1 
Location: Moorestown, NJ
Favourite food: Spaghetti with tomato sauce
Favourite activity: Being faster than the big chickens.

Andie (pictured on blue/green)

Age: 2
Location: Moorestown, NJ
Favourite food: Blueberries 
Favourite activity: Hopping the garden fence to steal said blueberries.

Owned by Morgan Sloan, @morgsloan
Photographed by Joel Arbaje.
Llewellyn Douglass
Age: 6 years old
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Favourite Food: Fresh Pets Vital Grain Free Chicken, Beef, Salmon & Egg Recipe for Dogs. He has some joint issues and needs to be on a grain-free diet. We sprinkle some of this raw food into his grain-free kibble. 
Favourite Activity: He is part Italian Greyhound and part Xoloitzcuintle and he loves running off-leash in Astoria Park's Lawn. We just recently moved to Jersey City, so there's a lot of places to explore once we are allowed outdoors for longer periods of time. He has a habit of picking up sticks that are too big for him to handle comfortably, and yet he seems to pick them up for the adorable struggle.

Owned by Joel Arbaje, @j.arbaje
Photographed by Yoona Hong
Moo (left) and Pebbles (right)
Age: 9 months
Location: New Jersey
Favourite Food: Bananas and sweet potatoes!
Favourite Activity: It is a toss-up between cuddling with me on the couch and nibbling my pyjamas.

Owned by Yoona Hong, @yoonasratties
Photographed by Kaitlyn Flannagan
Age: 4 years old Boston Terrier
Location: Brooklyn, NY Favourite Food: Beef Jerky
Favourite Activity: Cuddling

Owned by Kaitlyn Flannagan, @kaitlynflannagan

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