Kim Kardashian’s Kitchen Tour Reveals Eco-Friendly Changes

Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage.
This week, the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been facing accusations of hypocrisy when it comes to climate change. Although several of the sisters have taken to social media to point out that global warming is, in fact, real, some followers have said just talking about it or even donating money to relief efforts in Australia isn't enough. Many fans want to see the famous family making changes to how they live their everyday lives. While there have been no promises to no longer regularly travel on private planes, Kim Kardashian did recently share some of the ways she's trying to be more sustainable at home.
After posting a photo of herself standing in front of a nearly empty refrigerator, Kardashian apparently received a lot of questions about why her fridge wasn't stocked. So, she decided to respond by taking her Instagram followers on an in-depth tour of the kitchen, and in doing so, she proved she's working on becoming more eco-friendly.
Photo: via @kimkardashian.
First of all, Kardashian pointed out that part of the reason her fridge — or "fridgerator" as she continuously calls it — currently looks so empty is that she recently got rid of all her plastic. You may remember that, in the past, the Kardashian-Jenners have taken pride in always having fridges stocked with a variety of bottled water, soda, and juices. Now, however, Kim is moving away from that. Here's hoping those plastic bottles were recycled. The KKW Beauty mogul also has glass bottles of Voss water and cartons of Boxed and Flow water stocked, which has us wondering if she will switch to filtered tap water out of a reusable bottle in the future. They're a status symbol, after all.
Photo: via @kimkardashian.
After showing off her beverage fridges, Kim moved on to where the majority of her food is stored, her chef's kitchen. There, she took followers into her walk-in refrigerator, which was stocked with enough fresh fruits and vegetables to feed a small army. While inside the fridge, the mum of four explains, "We are building, on the property, all organic trees to grow our own vegetables and do all our own stuff." That's right, apparently, the Kardashian-Wests are working on turning their Hidden Hills property into a self-sustaining homestead of sorts. We hope Kim follows in Oprah's footsteps and starts serving us #harvestday content.
Photo: via @kimkardashian.
Directly adjacent to the wall of veggies inside the massive fridge, there were several glass containers filled with already-prepared food. As she zoomed in on this shelf, Kardashian said, "All of our meals. You guys know I eat plant-based now." Like many, Kim, apparently, decided to switch to a low-carbon diet by opting for all-vegan meals. While that kind of life-choice is much easier to make if you have the resources to hire a personal chef to cook all your meals for you, it's still commendable. Plus, it's also very much on-trend.

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