Hustlers May Be Getting The Broadway Treatment

Photo: Barbara Nitke/2019 STX Financing, LLC.
Hustlers may not have won at the Golden Globes with Jennifer Lopez's nomination, but its future still looks bright. While demands for a sequel are always high with a story and cast as great as that one, director Lorene Scafaria has another plan: Broadway.
"We’re just starting. I said it to them a few months ago that I thought it would be a good idea,” she told Variety on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday. “I’m trying to develop it for the stage.”
After all, music was such a big part of the movie (which told the true story detailed in The Cut about a group of strippers who stole from their clients) thanks to its early 2000s soundtrack, and Scafaria would definitely bring that to the stage.
"I think you can have a little bit of a mix," she said of the possibility of original songs. "It's gonna depend what Usher lets us do, really. So much depends on Usher." (Usher has a delightful cameo in the film and his music is featured).
While perhaps there are people who would still demand another film instalment of the blockbuster, the fact that the original is based on a true story makes a follow-up tricky, and, in the words of Scafaria, "It feels more fun to me to bring the club to the theater."
After all, Magic Mike made a similar move after its own sequel, transforming into a live show that is now so successful it performs worldwide. Hustlers has even more of an advantage when it comes to Broadway, because a number of its actresses can already sing. Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, and Lizzo doing Hustlers Live? That's the only goal I'd like to manifest in 2020.

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