Living With Yourself Season 2 Could Happen & Here’s How, Per Its Creator

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Warning: Spoilers for Living With Yourself season 1 are ahead.
Netflix's Living With Yourself ends with a bombshell. After struggling to conceive, Kate (Aisling Bea) tells her husband Miles (Paul Rudd) that she's pregnant. The thing is, she's not sure whether Miles or his clone, better known as New Miles, is the father. But, these three are too busy celebrating right now to worry about that, that's more of a season 2 problem.
The problem is Netflix hasn't yet renewed the comedy about a man who visits a magical spa and ends up with a better version of himself. However, that hasn't stopped creator Timothy Greenberg from thinking of ideas for a new season.
"I think the main thing would have to be, we’d have to do something different," Greenberg tells Refinery29 over the phone. "Like you can’t just continue the same premise in the same way. I think we have to go both broader and deeper and look at it from different angles. Just do different things with it."
One thing Greenberg would like to do differently, should Living With Yourself gets a second season, is explore the unique bond between the Mileses, who may share DNA and memories, but have very different views of the world.
"Well, I think we’ve only scratched the surface of what it means to come to terms with living with yourself, living with the world, living with others," he says. "The fact that they’re not strangling each other, that they’ve reached a detente after almost killing each other, I don’t feel like that’s the deepest realisation."
As of now, Miles and his doppelganger aren't "full human beings," and Greenberg would like to see them get there. But, Greenberg also knows that Rudd is a busy guy and it might not be easy to get him for another season. That being said, he thinks the journey to self-actualisation is one that could be told with characters who haven't been to the Top Happy Spa.
"Like that question — how do you live with yourself? — is totally valid for anybody. How do you come to terms with the person that you are and the things you’ve done and do?" Greenberg says. "That is relevant, and you don’t need a clone for that story."
All Living With Yourself would need is another season.

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