Zara’s Biannual Campaign Collection Is About To Go Viral

Photo Courtesy of Zara.
As any true Zara obsessive knows, the international fashion brand offers up new product on a biweekly basis (on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you were wondering). Over 300 designers work around the clock to bring us the latest trends at the exact moment we want them. But while fans wouldn't change a thing about Zara’s two-a-week drops, there are a few pieces that we’re willing to wait a bit longer for. Case in point: Zara’s coveted Campaign Collection.
With higher quality fabrics and a focused and involved design team, The Campaign Collection is everything that Zara is known for — but better. "Campaign is separate from Zara Woman in the sense that we don’t have to reply to customers," said one of the designers. "Rather the opposite; customers either fall in love with the collection... or they don't." The latter, we find highly unlikely. The Campaign AW19 offering is full of standout pieces we already want to add to our closets, like a suit with inside-out lining and a reversible faux fur collared coat that's soon to go viral.
The collection was “was inspired by the French; a kind of sexy, crazy type of woman,” another designer told us as we previewed the collection in the exact location where it was conceived: the brand’s head campus in A Coruña, Spain. While there are 37 pieces that made it to the finish line, the design team tells us that there were around 70 to 80 prototypes designed in total, with similar silhouettes created in varying patterns and colours.
Of the items that made the cut, we especially loved a pair of trousers with a micro mini skirt attached, a sequin slip cast in magenta and red, and a dress printed with the symbols of Greek astrological signs. Remarkably, all the clashing pieces somehow tell one definitive story. "The goal with this collection was to test mixing different clothes together," a designer said.
Ahead, shop all 37 pieces from the AW19 Campaign Collection.