Kim Kardashian Makes A Strong Case For Going Cool Brown This Autumn

Photo: FOX Image Collection/Getty Images.
Lately, keeping up with the Kardashian's and their hair changes has felt like a never-ending sprint. A few weeks ago, Kendall Jenner went blonde, then brunette again. Then, Khloé Kardashian went "cloud blonde" for a hot minute. Kylie Jenner, well, she rocks a different wig nearly every day. Then there's Kim Kardashian-West, who's bounced between a bob and lengthier strands as of late. She's also dabbled with a few different hair colours (with the help of her expansive wig collection, of course).
Kardashian-West's stylist Chris Appleton shared a snap of his client rocking what he dubs "cool chocolate brown" on Instagram. In the photo, the KKW-founder posed in waist-length brunette hair dyed with cool-toned highlights. This isn't the first time the mogul has tested the ash-brown colour. Back in July, Appleton gave her a similar frosty hue, but on shorter shoulder-length hair.
This cool-brown shade has been a popular request in the trendiest L.A. and New York salons. Unlike warmer browns, which may have more golden or red tones, this one is more muted with taupe undertones. It's the perfect in-between colour for darker brunettes who want to go lighter, but don't want to cross over to full-on blonde balayage just yet.
While her new look is most likely the work of an expertly dyed wig, it doesn't make it any less stunning. We hope this new colour sticks around, but given Kardashian's hair history, there will probably be a new colour to keep up with next.

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