Emma Stone’s Punk Cruella De Vil Is The Big Villain Energy We All Need

Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.
Don’t get us wrong, we usually always root for the good guys, but after seeing the first photo of Emma Stone in the villain-led Disney film Cruella, we can’t keep that promise.
At the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California this weekend, Disney made major announcements for just about every one of their franchises, ranging from superheroes to princesses to the Disney channel reboot of our dreams, Lizzie McGuire. Among the exciting lineup of future releases, arguably one of the most exciting was the live-action origin story of one of Disney’s most iconic villains, Cruella De Vil.
During the announcement, Stone revealed that Cruella is going to have a decidedly “punk rock” feel, taking place in 1970s London. You had us at Emma Stone. In the first-look photo, Stone is fully embodying her villainous role, sporting an all-black ensemble laden with leather and chain accents, De Vil’s iconic two-tone hair, bold makeup, and, of course, a troop of Dalmatians.
Stone will play opposite one of our other favourite Emmas, Emma Thompson, who was newly announced to be part of the cast this weekend. It was not announced what Thompson’s role in the film will be, but the rumours of her involvement have been flying since earlier this summer.
In the slew of live-action remakes being made by Disney, Cruella is one of the few that deviates from the original in that it is a prequel instead of a remake in the traditional sense. We’re curious to see what events in De Vil’s life led her to becoming the fur coat-obsessed dognapper that we know her to be. There’s a lot more to find out, and a lot of time to do it.
Cruella is set to be released on 28th May, 2021.

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