Meghan Markle Was Mummy-Shamed Over An Appearance With Archie

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It seems that no matter what Meghan Markle does, the world has an opinion on it. Whether it's Archie's christening or what she wears to Wimbledon, someone always seems to be giving their two cents. And now, Markle is being mummy-shamed for how she holds Archie.
After Markle showed up for her first public outing with Archie at the Billingbear Polo Club in Surrey, there are some who are criticising how she carries her baby. Some started trolling Instagram photos of the Duchess of Sussex with comments like, "Can someone please have mercy on that poor Archie and teach his mother how to hold him!" and "Someone teach the actress how to hold a child, good grief."
On Twitter, others also badmouthed the style in which Markle held baby Archie. "She can't have any maternal instincts at all," one critic wrote. "Archie's neck and whole body not supported by her at all. No sun hat to protect him." Someone else tweeted, "Smother, I mean, Mother of the Year award goes to Meghan Markle! Archie looks so uncomfortable. Poor kid. Being used as a prop by her mother."
While some were quick to criticise the new mum, who was there with Kate Middleton and Prince Louis cheering Prince William and Prince Harry on, others on social media defended Markle. The Sussex Royal Instagram shared photos of the princes taking part in the King Power Royal Charity Polo Day. The official account didn't share any pictures of Markle and the two-month-old, but many wrote how excited they were to see her out and about with the newest member of the royal family.
"Seeing all the beautiful pictures of Baby Archie and Meghan was simply the Best!!!" one person commented. "Love the both of them!!!!" Another wrote that they loved "seeing my Duchess doing her mama thing." While someone else offered a piece of advice to Prince Harry and Markle: "Please do not let the haters get you down. You have a beautiful family and you are amazing people. Just keep doing you."
It's the same message one parenting expert sent Markle's way. When talking to Yahoo Style UK, Lucy Shrimpton, better known as The Sleep Nanny, said, "While parents will adopt their own styles of holding and comforting their babies in a range of ways, the way Meghan is pictured holding Archie is actually a commonly recommended hold."
Shrimpton points out that Markle is supporting Archie's neck in a way that also allows him to rest his head on her chest so he can hear her heartbeat. "This is a wonderfully soothing way to hold to a baby," she explained. So Meghan, don't worry, you're doing amazing, sweetie — and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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