Unpicking The New Frozen 2 Trailer, Including That Mysterious New Character

Photo: Courtesy of Disney/IMDb.
I will be the first to admit that I am not the target audience for Disney movies anymore (except for Toy Story 4, solely to hear my kind king Keanu Reeves' voice). But watching the new full-length trailer for the highly-anticipated Frozen 2, I found myself excited, intrigued, and a little scared. This movie looks intense for kids, especially when you consider that the craziest scene we got in the 90s was the banana baby food scene from The Rugrats Movie.
The trailer has the same opening as the first teaser for the film: Elsa sprints into the ocean, freezes the undulating waves with her powers, and then is thrust under water. Now, the scene is extended, and we meet a brand new character, a Nokk. Screenrant writes that "Nokk" refers to a German legend about a mythical water creature who lure men into the ocean, like a Nordic siren. This one happens to look like a horse, and instead of drowning Elsa, it saves her.
The Nokk doesn't speak in the trailer, but when it does (as I assume it will in the actual movie), it will probably be voiced by Evan Rachel Wood or Sterling K. Brown, both of whom are listed on the film's IMDb page with no assigned characters.
In addition to this new character, a nice troll — the same one who raised Kristoff, LA Times points out — reveals another major plot point. Frozen 2 will mainly deal with the origin story of Elsa's powers, because, as he warns, "the past is not what it seems." Looking towards the past also means meeting Elsa and Anna's parents (OH! Maybe Wood and Brown voice them), and learning more about the limitations of Elsa's strength. Are there even more powers at her fingertips that she has yet to discover?
Plus, it looks like Anna gets her time to shine. She promises to take care of her sister during this icy, wet journey they're embarking on — because family is rain or shine.

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