Rihanna Just Ushered In Summer's Biggest Nail-Art Trend

Photo: Caroline McCredie/Getty Images.
The marble manicure has become the French manicure's younger, cooler cousin. The trend, modelled after the glossy countertops and home decor we save on Pinterest, has taken on a life of its own when painted on nails.
You can go classic and opt for muted, nude colours that look good any time, anywhere. But the marbling technique allows for a fun combination of colours. You can use just about any colour scheme with the swirling and smudged technique to get a healing crystal effect. Take rose quartz nails, for example, which utilise pinks and nudes to mimic the love-attracting stone.
Now jade, the stone that encourages balance and harmony, is having a moment, and Rihanna is the latest celebrity to get on board. The singer flaunted a fresh set of nails done by London manicurist Jenny Longworth on Instagram Stories recently. The design used shades of ivory and sea-foam green to mimic jade stone.
If you've been looking for a nail art design that will also keep you centred, turn to jade. Ahead find more cool ways to rock what is sure to be summer's hottest nail trend.