Regina King's Important "Time's Up X2" Promise At The Golden Globes

Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal/Getty Images.
After decades of work in film and television, actress Regina King is finally being showered with awards. In autumn 2018, the King picked up an Emmy for her performance of a grieving mother in Netflix series Seven Seconds. The Golden Globes, however, marks an even more incredible moment for King — she just won for her role as Sharon Rivers in acclaimed film If Beale Street Could Talk, and is nominated once again for Seven Seconds.
In her Golden Globes acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama, King elevated her win into an empowering moment for us all. After her "thank yous" concluded and her speech appeared to be winding down, King was actually just getting started. "I'm going to use my platform to say in the next two years, everything I produce — I am making a vow. It’s going to be tough. But I am making sure that everything I produce is 50 percent women," King said.
King acknowledged that as a celebrity, her platform is bigger than others' — which is why it's important for her, and others in show business, to set an example. "We understand that our microphones are big and are speaking for everyone," King said.
However, she also extended the Time's Up Times 2 challenge to people outside of Hollywood. Though the Time's Up movement began in Hollywood, its far-reaching effects have been felt in numerous industries. "I challenge anyone out there, anyone out there who is in a position of power — not just in our industry in all industries — to stand with us in solidarity and do the same," King said.
As King spoke, the crowd responded viscerally. Women clapped and seemed emotional. Jessica Chastain jumped to her feet. In speaking about Time's Up Times 2, King spoke past the requisite "this speech is over" music. To the Globes' credit, the music stopped so King could finish speaking — such is King's power.
In her Oscars acceptance speech last March, Frances McDormand introduced the word "inclusion rider" into our vocabulary. King just did the same for the Time's Up Times Two goal. These celebrities are using their professional zeniths to enact change.

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