Lady Gaga's Colourist Breaks Down The Right Way To Go Blonde

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
When you think of iconic blondes through history, a few big names probably come to mind. The '30s debuted Mae West, the '50s gave us Marilyn Monroe, the '70s had Dolly Parton, and the '00s? Well, we have Lady Gaga. Although plenty have come before her, the pop star has rooted herself in time as one of he most recognisable blondes of our generation. Even with everyone — from Zoë Kravitz to Hilary Duff — going platinum these days, Gaga's silvery, white-rooted hair is still a favourite.
No matter how much Gaga's aesthetic changes, there's always been one piece of her look that has stayed the same. Since the very beginning of her love games, disco sticks, and ensembles that consisted of bedazzled bras or raw meat, her hair's been a signature. Like any other good head of hair in Hollywood, there's one particularly talented colourist behind it — and in Gaga's case, it's Patti Song.
Almost as enigmatic as Gaga, Song hasn't done an interview since the '90s (until this one), refers to herself as a "non-participant" in social media, and leaves zero traces of her A-list work online, which is exactly why she's filled with valuable information. Once referred to as a "[blonde] mad scientist bleach warlock" by Gaga, Song has been the Golden Globe nominee's go-to for 10 years now, working with her ahead of tours and music videos, like "Alejandro" and "Paparazzi."
Going platinum blonde is for the brave, but even so requires a professional's touch, so we asked her everything, ahead.

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