A Star Is Born Can Break Every Record, But It Can't Win A Grammy…This Year

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
When we saw A Star Is Born, we knew that this film was destined for awards, and lots of them. Oscars, Golden Globes, SAGs — A Star Is Born is the kind of film that is engineered to win all the statues during the 2019 awards season, but thanks to pesky timing issues, the Grammys won’t be in the cards for the Bradley Cooper-produced flick.
The Hollywood Reporter reports that A Star Is Born’s original soundtrack won’t be eligible for any Grammy honours, despite hogging the Billboard charts for nearly a month. The soundtrack was released on October 5, making its release five days too late for Grammy 2019 consideration. A measly five days will prevent Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper from collecting all of the mini phonographs.
But there’s a reason why the OST was released too late for the Grammys, and it was by design: the movie’s producer Lynette Howell told THR, “We didn’t want to release the soundtrack before the movie because the soundtrack really is the story of the film.” In other words, they wanted to avoid spoilers, since the songs, like any musical, tell the greater story. “There are multiple tracks in there that are soundbites from the film and so it was really important that people experience them simultaneously, and it was important to Bradley that audiences got a chance to experience the movie first, or at least alongside,” said Howell. So, we can also blame Cooper on the decided lack of Grammys for the film.
Still, one song will make it through for a Grammy nod. “Shallow” was released before the October 1 deadline, and is a fan favourite. THR also notes that three Gaga-penned songs have also been submitted for Oscar consideration, so it’s likely that A Star Is Born will get the dues it deserves. With one song eligible for a Grammy, and three eligible for Academy Awards, it is very possible that we will get A Star Is Born performances at both award ceremonies. So fear not, little monsters.
Gaga will grace the stage, even if she doesn’t collect many statues. The Grammys take place on February 10, 2019.

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