Absolutely Fabulous May Not Be Over, But Do We Want It Back?

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When Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie came out just under two years ago, Jennifer Saunders swore it would be the last we saw of Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone.
"That. Is. It," she told the Daily Mail. "I can’t see the point of doing anything else with it, really."
But now the iconic sitcom's writer and co-lead has hinted that Absolutely Fabulous may not be, well, absolutely finished.
"I am thinking at the moment of writing a little something," she told the audience during an appearance at Cheltenham Literature Festival, The Guardian reports.
“It has to be age-appropriate, otherwise we’d have to be in a wheelchairs, basically," Saunders added. "I think Julia [Sawalha, co-star who plays Edina's daughter Saffy] is old enough to be my mother now."
Saunders is also quoted as saying that the long-running show is "always on my mind, always".
As an Absolutely Fabulous fan, Saunders' hints about reviving the show leave me kind of conflicted. On the one hand, I felt that Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie worked as a "Prosecco flick" – the more Prosecco I drank, the funnier it got. It helped, of course, that it was packed with fabulous cameos from Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn, Alexa Chung, Rebel Wilson, Joan Collins and loads more.
But on the other hand, the film definitely had some problematic and dated elements, and was even accused of "yellowface" before it came out, which suggests Ab Fab might be best left in its '90s heyday.
Then again, on some level it's hard not to get behind a sitcom that would place older female characters front and centre: Saunders and Lumley are now 60 and 72 respectively. So, let's say the jury's still out – but a part of me is perhaps just a little bit excited. More champagne for Lulu? Maaaaaybe.

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