The Most Problematic Character Is Returning To American Horror Story

Photo: Courtesy of Frank Ockenfels/FX.
The latest character to join American Horror Story: Apocalypse is a fan favourite — and, perhaps, one of the most problematic men Ryan Murphy's long-running FX series has ever conjured up.
The upcoming eighth season of American Horror Story will crossover season 1's Murder House and season 3's Coven, incorporating a variety of characters from each. Thank to a new Instagram post from AHS creator Murphy, we now know that Evan Peters will return to the first role he portrayed, when he starred on the show's freshman season.
"Tate. Happy to be home," wrote Murphy on his Instagram account, alongside a photo of Peters posing with Tate's iconic black hoodie.

Tate. Happy to be home.

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Tate Langdon served as a love interest for Taissa Farmiga's Violet before his true, far more sinister nature was revealed. Midway through Murder House — after many fans fell hard for the ultra romantic Kurt Cobain-lookalike and swooned over his relationship with Violet — it was revealed that Tate was actually a ghost, who died by police fire after he murdered several classmates in a school shooting. He also ushered in the Antichrist, Michael Langdon (to be played by Cody Fern on Apocalypse) when he raped Violet's mother Vivian (Connie Britton, also returning to her Murder House role).
Basically, Tate is an all-around bad dude, with an attractive '90s teen dream aesthetic that makes us forget that the worst monsters in the American Horror Story universe are usually human.
There's no doubt that Peters gave an excellent performance, one that solidified his status as a fan favourite actor and likely opened up plenty of possibilities for the one-time Sleepover and Phil of the Future star to take on darker roles.
Since playing Tate, Peters has appeared in every single season of the show. Most recently he starred as Kai Anderson, a misogynistic, Manson-worshipping psychopath, during season 7's Cult. But while it was very easy to hate Kai, who nearly saw through with a plan to murder 100 pregnant women, many fans adore Tate, despite his own murderous tendencies.
"I’m in love with Tate," one fan wrote in the comments section of Murphy's Instagram. "No matter what character @evanpeters plays.. he’s always Tate to me!"
"Haters gonna hate. Taters gonna Tate," another added. "Can't wait for this!!!!!"
One put it very bluntly:
Tate will certainly be an interesting addition to Apocalypse, but will fans finally be ready to see him as the monster he is? Sometimes we have to look past the swoopy hair and see the evil lurking beneath the fringe.

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