These Baby Names Are Set To Disappear In 2018

photographed by Nicole Maroon; produced by Sam Nodelman.
We hear a lot about popular and fashionable baby names – earlier this year it was even reported that naming babies after IKEA products is the new hipster trend. Certain baby names from the '90s are enjoying a revival in 2018, too.
But we hear less about baby names that are losing their appeal and gradually dying out. So it's interesting to check out a list compiled by Bounty of baby names that are set to disappear in 2018.
Some of the disappearing names sound pretty old-fashioned in 2018 – Arnold and Bridie, we're looking at you.
But the declining popularity of other names on the list is maybe more surprising. Both Macauley and Courtney are set to die out despite their celebrity connections.
A spokesperson for Bounty said: "Classically traditional ‘old lady’ names Cecelia and Cecily are on their way to becoming extinct this year if not revived, along with Sandra, which admittedly not be an obvious one to revive without their being a strong and meaningful family connection to the name.
"Even with popularity of the Kardashians today, the name Kourtney is heading for extinction alongside Mimi and Bonny."
But somewhat ironically, appearing on this list could boost some of these names' popularity. After all, if you're looking for an unusual baby name that other parents won't choose, one that's on course to disappear could be the perfect pick. And Aubrie and Jago do sound pretty adorable, don't they?
The boys' names set to disappear in 2018, according to Bounty:
1. Jago
2. Macauley
3. Leroy
4. Guy
5. Fabio
6. Soren
7. Arnold
8. Carl
9. Ivor
10. Marcos
The girls' names set to disappear in 2018, according to Bounty:
1. Cecelia
2. Bridie
3. Bonny
4. Cecily
5. Mimi
6. Aubrie
7. Mika
8. Roxanne
9. Alora
10. Kourtney

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