The First Look At The Paul Walker Documentary Celebrates His Fast Life

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In November of 2013, Fast and the Furious star Paul Walker died in a car accident. He left behind an enormous fandom who had watched him play the role of former LAPD officer Brian O'Conner in six films within the car-centric series. However, as upcoming Paramount Network documentary I Am Paul Walker notes, the star always lived a fast life — one with different priorities from other Hollywood actors of his caliber.
The new trailer for I Am Paul Walker, which debuted on YouTube Thursday, opens with home video of the young star. The video is proof positive that Walker was made to be in front of the camera. As the trailer continues, it's also clear that the man was built for a life of adventure — both on and off the big screen.
The Network Entertainment-produced documentary shows Walker behind the wheel of a race car, his siblings noting in talking head interviews that the star always had a passion for speed. Additional home video reveals that Walker pretty much always loved racing, ever since he cruised the block on his big wheel bike, his sister clinging to his back.
Given Walker's death behind the wheel of a sports car, to hear just how much a passion he had for such activities is particularly gutting. However, cars weren't his only love: The documentary also notes that he had a serious passion for surfing, and, according to one of his brothers, would often joke about abandoning Hollywood for life as a park ranger.
"[Paul would say,] 'My daughter, my surfing, that's the life,'" Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen also said of the actor. (Walker's daughter, Meadow, is now 19.)
Tyrese Gibson, who starred alongside Walker in the action franchise, also shared this heartfelt comment:
"If you loved him the way we did, well, you would say, 'Why him and not us?'"
I Am Paul Walker debuts on Paramount Network on 11th August with a UK release TBC. Check out the trailer below:

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