Man, Celebrities Just Love To Be Haunted

Photo: Noam Galai/Getty Images..
Okay, I'll share: Jenny McCarthy, she of Singled Out and married-to-Donnie-Wahlberg fame, is being haunted. She shared a video on Facebook earlier this week of her piano being played by an invisible presence. Shown via security camera footage, McCarthy first hangs out in her room, then leaves. Moments after, the piano (the ghost?) plunks out a few keys. She cries out, "Donnie? Was that you?" Alas, Donnie wasn't there.
Next to stories about sex, stories about being haunted are some of the world's most sellable fare. Want to entertain a few people at a dinner party? Grab a flashlight. Want to really bowl over a first date? Tell your latest ghost story! Looking for fodder for your next comedy special? Make like John Mulaney and ask your mother about the last time you've seen a ghost. Alternatively, make like John Mulaney and talk about ghosts on Late Night with Stephen Colbert.
And, if you're a celebrity, it's especially trendy to be haunted. This month, Orange is the New Black actresses Emma Myles and Julie Lake shared evidence via Instagram Live that they were being haunted. In 2016, Kris Jenner was apparently being haunted by Caitlyn's father William. Cecily Strong told Seth Meyers in 2014 that she's being haunted because she "doesn't have boundaries in the spiritual world." Laura Linney has, apparently, seen a ghost. So has Bryce Dallas Howard, who told James Corden that she had psychic abilities as a child. Jessica Chastain saw a ghost when she was filming The Huntsman: Winter's War. Craig Robinson's late turtle is lurking in his apartment. Ariana Grande told Complex that she'd had a "ghost/demon" experience in Kansas City. A fan once tweeted that Rihanna's vagina was haunted. (The fan's evidence: She keeps patting her vulva.) Kesha's vagina was also recently haunted. Ghosts are taking over Hollywood, and playing pianos and lurking in vaginas.
It's worth noting, while we're here, that there are such things as benevolent ghosts, and, if you ever join the ranks of the haunted, this team of ghost hunters — called the Bench Breaking Broads — doesn't charge for their work.

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