Your Summer Horoscope Is Here

Illustrated by Janet Sung
Brace yourselves for the summer of 2018, stargazers. There is plenty of heavenly action in our futures.
For one thing, we’ve got two solar eclipses and one lunar, which will mould you into a better version of yourself if you let them. Next, the second Mercury retrograde of the year will last from 25th July to 18th August. Luckily, there couldn't be a better time to slow down and enjoy the summertime heat. Want to avoid making mistakes during Mercury in retrograde? Check over and read through everything important (contracts, emails, those gossipy texts) at least twice — doing so will save your sanity and you’ll feel way more secure. Even once we're free of Mercury retrograde, it won't exactly be smooth sailing. If you're looking for the perfect day to make any big decisions, wait for Mercury to move into Virgo from 6th-21st September. This precise sign's influence will ensure that your thoughts flow with clarity.
Mercury isn’t the only planet going retrograde this summer. Mars will be retrograde from 26th June to 27th August, which means that this summer may be full of hot and heavy (but short-lived) flings. Keep an eye out if you’re interested in something a little more serious. Meanwhile, coupled folks will be well-served to remember these dates: 21st June, 7th August and 8th September. Mars and Venus will be dancing together all summer long, setting the scene for a great night out.
Read on to see how the planets could impact your summer plans.

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