Kanye West Smiling At A Mentalist At His Birthday Is The Happy Content We Need

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Kanye West is 41 years old now, but he celebrated his birthday with the wonder of a child’s party. Namely, Kim Kardashian West booked a magician — excuse us, a mentalist, and yes, there is a difference between the two, which we’ll get to in a second — to perform at her husband’s birthday party. And the normally stoic Kanye seemed to love it.
She booked Lior Suchard, a renowned Israeli mentalist, to dazzle the Kardashian/Jenner clan. We see him perform feats of wonder and awe in front of Kanye. He makes a pair of glasses flip over without touching it, wow! Suchard also bends spoons with magic (and his hands) and even manipulates the spoon by jiggling it between his fingers. Amazing! Kanye is clearly overjoyed, and flashes a huge smile. If you were looking for wholesome internet content, you can’t do much better than Kanye smiling about magic at his own birthday party.
Later, Suchard uses Kendall Jenner as a volunteer, and instructs to small place objects from a jair into her hand. Suchard then correctly guesses the amount of objects that she pulled out. Amazing! He also makes an object disappear from Teyana Taylor’s hands, which astounds Quavo from Migos. Incredible!
In another video, Suchard insists that he is “not a magician. I am a real-life mentalist, I am not an illusionist.” Apparently in the magic world, it is necessary to split such hairs. A typical magician or illusionist performs with large props, like boxes or water tanks — think of Criss Angel’s theatrical show in Las Vegas. A mentalist, you see, performs small, intimate tricks and employs more sleight-of-hand tricks with skilled memory and body language-reading techniques. And magic, of course. Uri Geller is one such notable mentalist.
On a side note, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention Quavo’s stunning diamond-encrusted eyeglasses. Where can we get them? We wonder if Suchard could make magically a pair of glasses appear on our nightstand. You can watch the videos below.

Lior Suchard and Kanye West at Kanye’s Birthday Party last night ?

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