How Anne Hathaway Harnessed Her Rage Into Sweet Success

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A few years ago, Anne Hathaway joined a generation of actresses who don't really care what the public thinks of them. Hathaway endured something called "Hathahate" in 2012, an upswell of online trolling right as her career reached a peak with her first Oscar win. Buzzfeed published a listicle of reasons why people disliked the star. The Daily Beast wrote its own investigation into the phenomenon, wondering why oh why the public had chosen this woman to eviscerate. Hathaway took a few years off — away from the public, really — and then returned to making really, really good movies. (Last year's Colossal was worth seeing.) This summer, she's starring in Ocean's 8 as a prissy Hollywood star blessed with an expensive necklace. The necklace is the endgame for Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), a professional thief.
In a piece for Glamour titled "Anne Hathaway Isn't Angry Anymore," Hathaway unpacks the years between the "Hathahate" and where she is now. Part of that revelation, for her, is about dealing with her emotions — anger in particular — immediately.
"I have a history with rage,” Hathaway told Glamour. “I used to do this thing where I was like, ‘I’m nice 29 days out of 30, and then I give myself complete permission to be a bitch to anyone, about anything.’ I realised that if I could actually move away from the judgment and deal with my emotions in the moment, I didn’t actually need the extra day. Rage doesn’t lead you to a place of peace. And for me the goal is not happiness. The goal is peace.”
Hathaway has a massive year ahead of her. She has Ocean's 8, followed by The Hustle, a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and Serenity, which also stars Diane Lane and Matthew McConaughey. Safe to say, the HathaHate is irrelevant, and the HathaHeyday reigns.
Speaking at a panel for Ocean's 8a movie staffed almost entirely by massively talented women — last week, Hathaway said, "I had never been given an opportunity to do something like this, and I've been doing this for a minute... it's a wonder space to occupy and I'm really excited for the moment that this doesn't feel special anymore."
Read the full profile of Hathaway here.

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