People Aren't Buying This 13 Reasons Why Plot Hole

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The second season of Netflix's controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why has fans asking a lot of questions. Will rapist Bryce (Justin Prentice) ever face consequences for his crimes? Will Clay (Dylan Minnette) get in trouble for helping Tyler (Devin Druid) escape police? While these are all things that the show could answer in the potential third season of the series, there's one mystery that 13 Reasons Why may never resolve. As Digital Spy asks: Why didn't Justin (Brandon Flynn) know about the Clubhouse?
Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why focuses heavily on a baseball team hangout known as "the Clubhouse." Early in the season, Clay receives Polaroids that indicate multiple sexual assaults have occurred at this mysterious location. A video of student body president Marcus (Steven Silver) partying with a topless woman took place there as well.
We come to learn that the Clubhouse is for the popular jocks, their close friends, and the girls they want to bring there — what happens in the Clubhouse, stays in the Clubhouse. So while it makes sense that loner Clay was in the dark about this creepy shed behind the baseball field, some people have issue with how Justin was so out of the loop.
Truthfully, I had never thought of it myself until the question was posed. Then I realised, oh yeah: That makes no sense.
Justin returns to Liberty High in order to testify at the Baker's trial, and gets pulled into Clay's mission to learn the truth about the Clubhouse. That's pretty weird, because just months earlier, Justin was perhaps the most popular guy at Liberty High. He wasn't on the baseball team, but he was a star basketball player who was best friends with Bryce, the captain. Why would Bryce not tell his buddy — practically his brother — about this secret hangout?
There's no real explanation for it. Marcus isn't on the baseball team, and is barely Bryce's real friend... and he not only knew about it, he partied there. The Clubhouse was also around for a while, with previously-graduated students depicted in the Polaroids — meaning it was definitely a thing before Justin left Liberty High. Is it possible that Bryce wanted to have something that was just for him? Sure, but it doesn't quite fit in with how Bryce insisted he and Justin share everything.
Fans can't figure it out, either:
Ultimately, this might just be one plot hole we have to accept. The sleuthing mission did bring Clay and Justin closer, which became a rare spot of hope in an otherwise very bleak season. If Justin needed to be kept away from the Clubhouse in order to ultimately become adopted by the Jensens, well, I guess it's worth it.

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