The Next Episode Of Westworld Could Confirm This Major Theory About Bernard

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
Westworld might be about to reward all our waiting by finally explaining one of the biggest mysteries of the whole show: the interviews between Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright). While in the first season, the interviews were often punctuated by the alternating timelines of the episodes and were very much about Bernard interviewing Dolores and examining her consciousness. But this season, something's...different. Dolores has clearly changed, so much so that some fans think these interviews aren't just from a different timeline, but from a totally different perspective. Put simply, their season 2 conversations could be going down after the reckoning, and it's not Bernard interviewing Dolores — it's Dolores interviewing Bernard.
This could suggest that Dolores is Bernard's "God voice," the way Arnold was hers. In these interviews, she could be attempting to help Bernard find his own consciousness, to "wake him up," to continue gathering her army. There are many options, and we don't know for certain what the purpose is, but the preview of next week's episode suggests we might be onto something.
"If you outgrow this place, outgrow us, what would become of you?" Bernard asks aloud in a glimpse of one of these interview scenes. "I think I have a choice to make."
"No," Dolores cuts in. "He didn't say that."
This is such an assertive, contradictory statement that it all but confirms that Dolores is the one leading the show. If that's the case, it totally rewires everything we thought was happening, and who is truly in control. Is she trying to get Bernard to stick to a script? Unlock something inside of him? What is the point of these interviews?
Watch the preview below — we might just find out.

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