Wait, What Is Going On With The Bold Type Season 2?

Photo: Courtesy of Justin Coit/Freeform.
For a show about three women making it in the world of journalism and media, The Bold Type's season 2 trailer seems to be about a lot of...not that. Instead, it appears the Freeform show has pivoted to sex — which is fine! But for those of us who flocked to the program for its honest and realistic portrayal of the industry that took female journalists seriously, will we have to adjust our expectations?
"How many people have you guys slept with?" Kat (Aisha Dee) asks in the first line of the trailer. For Jane (Katie Stevens), it's four, while for Sutton (Meghann Fahy) it's 28. The show doesn't shame either of them, which is great, but it also doesn't talk about much else for the rest of the minute-long trailer. Sutton chastises Jane for going too long without getting a bikini wax, Jane goes on a date, and even when their job does get the spotlight, it's a scene when all the women get naked for a photoshoot.
It's not that these two things — sex and career— can't co-exist in the same show. They did in season 1, and I hope they do this time around. This trailer is just a purposeful departure from the show's original image, and I will be interested to see to what end.
There definitely still are aspects of The Bold Type that we know and love. Kat declares that she's ready to kick ass at her job, and Jane reminds everyone that her main goal is to inspire and challenge. The trailer ends with a scene of the three women eating snacks on the floor and talking about their jobs. It's still, at its core, The Bold Type. They just seem to be going through a real rebranding — something Kat, Jane and Sutton know all about.

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