Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
What a week that was, amirite? You survived and came out on the other side, ready to tackle another week of rapid-fire activity.
This week is about shifting multiple gears at once: On the 15th, Mercury finally releases us from his retrograde and starts to report on what he’s learned after taking a second glance at certain bits of information. Keep your ears open for what he says as he makes his third and final pass through this stretch of the heavens.
That same night, we enjoy the first new moon of the season in Aries. Expect more surprises ahead, since Uranus, the planet of sudden change, is tied into the moon's energy at the moment. You might be fine with that, actually. You’ve been getting plenty of practice with letting go since Mars, Saturn and Pluto have been duking it out with Mercury and Uranus for weeks. Set your new moon intentions around being bold and innovative in your life. Commit to taking action and risks.
Saturn turns retrograde on the 17th and invites us all to review our work to date. This planet is about doing the heavy lifting necessary to earn your stripes or master a particular challenge. Don't be surprised if life feels harder during this retrograde. We’re all learning how to satisfy Saturn and get the work done with more precision and authority. Own your Saturn and keep your eyes on your own paper. This is about you, not them. Thankfully, we get a break from all the fighting and thrashing about when the sun moves from warring Aries and into Earth-loving Taurus. Despite the chaos and madness that’s been going on, life is still good. It's the little things, like the flowers, the food, the music, the kisses, and the great love Mother Earth offers all of us. Give thanks and enjoy her blessings. Sound good?

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