Kristen Wiig May Give Us The First Funny Wonder Woman Villain

Sick of dour, party-pooping villains? Kristen Wiig may be able to fix that. Wiig is reportedly in talks to play the villain in the Wonder Woman sequel, Entertainment Weekly confirmed. The villain in question would be the Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman's most formidable adversaries.
The Cheetah, whose human name is Barbara Ann Minerva, has both the appearance and the skills of a cheetah — meaning, she can run very fast, and she has an impressive set of claws, all of which were gifted to her by a plant-god named Urzkartaga. She's pure evil, like the best of villains, and has an appetite for human blood.
That being said, that doesn't mean the Cheetah can't be funny. She may be a bloodthirsty sociopath, but she's still a woman wearing a cheetah suit, and Wiig has some experience with silly villainy. Wiig voiced Lucy in Despicable Me 2, a member of the "anti-villain league," a character who, at the beginning of the film, seemed like she'd be an antagonist. (She wasn't. Despicable Me is so good at subverting tropes!) Wiig's comedic style also leans toward acerbic — her character Penelope on Saturday Night Live is, arguably, one of the worst types of modern-day villains.
This is the first big (maybe) casting news to emerge from the Wonder Woman 2 team, although director Patty Jenkins did tease in a podcast interview Variety's Playback podcast that there would be a new love interest for Wonder Woman in the sequel. (Chris Pine, alas, did not survive the first movie.) Fans have rallied for a femme love interest for Wonder Woman, which would be the next big step for this genre of movie. Perhaps, I don't know, Wonder Woman could fall in love with her wacky rival, who morphs into a likeable character? Raise your hand if you want to see Gal Gadot and Kristen Wiig fall in love as superheroes!
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