The Writer Of Guardians of the Galaxy Killed Groot, Mourning Ensues

I hope you weren't having too pleasant of a day, because the writer of Guardians of the Galaxy is here to crush your spirits. Take a deep breath, because according to a tweet from James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot is definitely dead.
You might be thinking "That's impossible." After all, didn't we see Groot be replanted by Rocket and become Baby Groot? The answer, of course, is that we did — but it might not mean what we thought it meant. While we all assumed that Baby Groot was just Groot anew, writer Gunn has a wildly different idea that's honestly totally heartbreaking when you think too much about it, as I clearly have.
The reveal came following a tweet from producer Ash Crossan, sharing a particularly savage Twitter poll with fans: Would they rather save a porg from Star Wars, or Baby Groot? When someone tweeted that Groot could always just reincarnate, Gunn wrote:
"First Groot is dead. Baby Groot is his son."
Umm... excuse me? So you're meaning to say that Vin Diesel's grown-up Groot is just gone forever? And that not only is Baby Groot not the deceased adult Groot, but that Baby Groot will never know his father as he is dead?
Why is this happening.
"I'll be over here in the fetal position after all this talk of dead Groots and porgs," responded one fan, accompanied by a very appropriate GIF of a sobbing Anthony Anderson.
Still, not everyone reacted with heartbreak — some are still in the "anger" stage of the five stages of grief.
"Imagine just fucking going on the internet and saying a bunch of fucking bull shit about how Baby Groot is actually Groot's son and Groot has been dead the whole time and thinking that's ok."
"Great, now I have to go home and tell my three year old son that Groot is Dead," another added.
Of course, plenty of people were devastated:
"I can't believe Groot is dead my whole life is ruined."
Not everyone was thrilled with how casually Gunn spilled this tea.
"Me: "Baby Groot is so cute! He's our friend Groot, but a baby!"The guy who made the movie: "Groot is dead. Forever.'"
"It really was goodbye *sob*," replied another, referring to the tearful scene between Groot and Rocket.
Yet despite all the mourning, Gunn insists we should have known that Groot was dead all along.
"The internet is like Groundhog Day every time I point out first Groot died. Baby Groot has a different personality, a different body, no memories of adult Groot & adult Groot’s sacrifice actually meant something. New round of news stories & collective gasping again & again."
Those aren't gasps, Gunn. Those are sobs.

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