H&M's New Studio Collection Is Truly A Work Of Art

With spring well, springing up on us (okay, maybe not yet, but it's a-coming), it's time to start taking stock of what a new season will bring for our wardrobes. Once we're finally able to shed our thick winter layers, this time around we'll be looking towards more simple looks that are just as fresh as the season we're in. And H&M's spring 2018 Studio collection is providing just that, with an array of tailored pieces made for every woman.
For its latest collection, the H&M Studio design team took a minimalist page from their journey to Japan. Inspired by the meeting point of Kyoto's utilitarian simplicity and the unique urbanity of Tokyo's style scene, the retailer sought out to create new silhouettes that are equal parts fluid yet crisp. But turning towards populated parts of Japan for style inspiration didn't result in a line of been-there-done-that kimonos (you will, however, find subtle kimono sleeves and wrap details here and there) nor the intense streetwear trends coming from Japan's urban districts. Instead, the designers set their eye on a creating a poetic ode to the country's architectural aesthetic that results in a beautiful collection of workwear-inspired pieces that have us reconsidering what workwear even means.
Pernilla Wohlfahrt, head of design and creative Director for H&M, emphasises the new direction, saying: "This collection celebrates the vivacity of women. From the primary colours to the easy-going movement of the fabrics and silhouettes to the strong prints, there’s definitely an affinity for urban settings with a hint of glam. And yet, there’s also a longing for nature, an unpretentious way of life. We can have both, of course — that’s the beauty of modern life."
Per past releases of H&M's special seasonal collection, expect prices to run a bit higher than its average price point. The collection, which features highlights like a contrast stitch trench and an oversized colour splattered knit, will show during Paris Fashion Week (at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs) as a 'see now, buy now' format, meaning the clothing will be available to shop online on February 28th and in select global stores beginning March 1st.