Jack Whitehall Says He Regrets Making That Joke About The Queen

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images.
Jack Whitehall has admitted he regrets making a "crass" joke about the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.
During an appearance on Channel 4's Big Fat Quiz Of The Year in December 2012, the comedian insinuated that the Queen had remained standing during her Jubilee boat trip because she'd caught a urinary infection from the Duke of Edinburgh.
Following its two airings on Channel 4, Ofcom received 160 complaints about Big Fat Quiz Of The Year's content.
Speaking to Kirsty Young on this week's episode of Desert Island Discs, Whitehall said that making the joke was "crass" and something "I actually regret." He also said the controversy caused by the joke had brought him the most media attention of his career, but not in a positive way.
Being criticised in the newspapers "every day for a week" caused distress to his family, Whitehall explained. "That was not nice, because it was something I’d said that caused them upset and that was the bit that hurt the most," he told Young. "I’m fine, I have a relatively thick skin but I never wanted to drag them into it."
Whitehall, who was 24 when he made the risqué joke, also admitted he'd changed his approach to comedy in the light of the controversy, saying: "I just became a lot more careful about what I say. I self-censor more."
During his appearance on Desert Island Discs, Whitehall also spoke about his relationship with his family, and said he is bothered by suggestions that having a celebrity agent as a father had helped his career. You can listen to the episode now on BBC iPlayer.
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