10 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks That Aren't Cheesy

We’ve all heard the laundry list of unnecessary things you’re supposed to do on 14th February: inhale boxes of chocolate, go out with your “galentines”, select the perfect gift for your S.O., put on too-expensive lingerie... and these are just the first four Valentine's Day pitches in my inbox. On the beauty side of things, we're usually told to doll up for the person lucky enough to go to a romantic dinner with you.
But there is no such thing as "Valentine's Day makeup" — nor is there really "date makeup," for that matter. It's all just makeup, whether you use the occasion to wear more, less, or none at all.
Still, the night can serve as an opportunity to play with new hues, textures, and techniques — and we're always down to do that. Ahead, we rounded up ten examples of beautiful makeup you can wear on V-Day... and whenever the hell you want.

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