Jennifer Lawrence, Adele & Cameron Diaz Were A Girl Gang At The Women's March

Jennifer Lawrence has no shortage of celebrity pals — Emma Stone, Kris Jenner, and Amy Schumer, to name a few — so it's no surprise that she recruited two very famous (and feminist) friends to join her for yesterday's 2018 Women's March in Los Angeles.
The Oscar-winning actress spent the day with Adele and Cameron Diaz, according to a Facebook post that declared her "solidarity [with] women's rights, equal pay, DACA, and CHIP." Lawrence famously wrote an essay about fighting for equal pay after leaked Sony emails revealed that she and American Hustle co-star Amy Adams were paid significantly less than their male colleagues.
The women can be seen holding homemade protest signs with slogans ranging from "I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change; I am changing the things I cannot accept" to Adele's succinct "everyone's full of shit."
Adele also posted a message about the march, writing, "The most influential people in my life have always been women. My family, my friends, my teachers, my colleagues, and my idols. I am obsessed with all the women in my life. I adore them and need them more and more every day. I am so grateful to be a woman; I wouldn't change it for the world.
"I hope I'm not only defined by my gender, though," the British singer continued. "I hope I'm defined by my input to the world, my ability to love, and to have empathy. To raise my son to be a good man alongside the good man who loves me for everything I am and am not. I want what's best for people, I think we all do. We just can't agree on what that is. Power to the peaceful, power to the people."
The event was also something of a family affair. Diaz's sister-in-law, Nicole Richie, also took part with 10-year-old daughter Harlow in tow.
Good work, everyone. See ya next year?
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