This Is Where Kate Moss Donates Her Clothes

If you find yourself in a fancy part of north London any time soon, it might be worth popping into the charity shops. Why? Because Kate Moss has revealed this is where she donates clothes when she's having a wardrobe purge.
To be precise: the supermodel and agency boss gives her unwanted clothes to branches of Oxfam and Sue Ryder in Highgate, the village-like area of north London where she lives.
"I do my clean-outs – an archive pile, a back-in-the-wardrobe pile, and we take a pile to charity," Moss explains in a new interview with legendary photographer David Bailey for The Guardian.
During the interview, which Moss and Bailey teamed up for to mark Oxfam's 75th birthday, the style icon also reveals that she's a fan of buying clothes in charity shops. "Oh, I love a charity shop," she says. "Because you know what, all these vintage shops, they just go and trawl all the charity shops."
When Bailey suggests, "they get in there early," Moss replies: "Yeah, and then put them in their shops for £500 because they know what a Balmain shirt looks like. And designers go to vintage shops to copy the designs from yesteryear."
Later in the interview, Moss tells Bailey and The Guardian that she actually used to source her entire wardrobe from Oxfam during her teenage years.
"And then I started making myself go vintage so I didn’t have to trawl," she continues. "You couldn’t buy 70s clothes in shops in the early 90s, it was all late-80s clothes. I wanted to dress like a hippy – those ribbed jumpers, that was the only place to get them. Bin liners full of clothes for £5. I remember seeing Yves Saint Laurent suits from the 70s for £50 or something ridiculous. Amazing."
Anyone else feeling like a trip to Oxfam now?
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