Drew Barrymore Shared Her Go-To Starbucks Order

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.
In the past, we've tried and fail miserably to cook like Drew Barrymore. Her boiled egg hack turned out to be a way too whacky for us to get right. However, while we may have been unable to eat like Drew, at least now we can drink like her. The star recently revealed what she gets at Starbucks, and it's so simple, anyone can order it.
In her first Instagram post of 2018, Barrymore shared the Starbucks order that helped her kick off the new year. She opted for an iced black tea with extra ice. Like most of us, Drew seemed to need a little extra boost of caffeine on January first, so the actress got a Trenti, which she playfully referred to in her photo caption as a "trough of ice tea."
Based on her Instagram post, what was more important to Barrymore than her trough of caffeine — a term we're definitely going to start using when we ask for our morning coffees — was the kind message of love the barista left on her cup. In the caption, the actress wrote, "Look at what a beautiful lady at @starbucks put on my trough of ice tea! What a way to enter the new year. If she could only know how happy she made me! May everyone go into the new year with some love and goodness and kindness. More importantly, give it to someone else, and start their year right!"
We don't doubt that the barista wanted to kickstart the celeb's 2o18 with a sweet note, but we're also guessing she was grateful for Barrymore's insanely simple order. January 1 was most definitely a busy day for baristas everywhere, and we've seen how ridiculous some Starbucks orders can get. The viral order from last year that required two stickers to request all 19 ingredients probably flashes in the mind of every Starbucks employee right before each customer places their orders, along with haunted memories of the unicorn Frappucino. So, a Trenti Black Iced Tea with extra ice and add-ins may have seemed like a New Year's gift worth reciprocating.

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