How Do You Get Invited To The Obamas' House For Dinner? Ask Issa Rae

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
Issa Rae is on top of the world — and she has a lot to celebrate. But the success that Issa Rae is experiencing has nothing on realising her goal of becoming a dinner guest of the Obamas.
In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Rae shared the details of how she met the Obamas this time last year when she visited the White House. It was there that Issa found out that both Barack and Michelle were fans of the show (according to Issa Rae, Michelle got into the show after getting recommendations from her daughters). In the same exchange, Issa mentioned how she and fellow comedian, Tiffany Haddish, were planning to visit the Obamas for dinner.
"We invited ourselves to cook for them. Well, Tiffany said she would cook — I would just bring the drinks. And Michelle was like 'Yeah, come through to Chicago!' So we're just waiting on you, Michelle," she joked.
In the segment, Issa Rae also talked about how despite her fame, she doesn't always get recognised by fans (or not-so-big fans) of the show. She mentions that she often gets recognised as someone that "looks just like that girl Issa Rae."
The writer, actress, director and producer has had success with Insecure and has recently announced a deal with HBO to work on three upcoming shows, including family drama Sweet Life and romantic comedy Him or Her. Sweet Life, which Issa Rae will be co-creator, will be focused on the life of a family living in Los Angeles during the 1990s; Him Or Her will be a romantic comedy focused on a black bisexual male lead.
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