The Holiday Siblings Just Had The Reunion We All Needed

Photo: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images.
How many times have you watched The Holiday this December? I'm definitely at a solid four. It's just one of those movies I have to watch every Christmas season, so you can probably guess that my heart grew three sizes when I saw this photo of Jude Law and Kate Winslet reuniting on Monday. The two stars play brother and sister in the 2006 movie, but spend most of the film on opposite sides of the world, so it's nice to see the family ties are still strong when they're together IRL.
As People reports, the photo was taken in London during a screening of Winslet's new film, Wonder Wheel. Just seeing them in the same frame already has me itching for a reenactment of this iconic scene:
Or, at the very least, this one (which Law previously told People is the scene that most gets him recognised on the street this time of year):
If you want to feel decidedly un-merry, however, then these theories about the movie will do the trick. Writer Claire Hodgson from Cosmopolitan pointed out that the timelines don't really match up, and Entertainment Weekly’s Dana Schwartz posits that these women have actually been dead all along.
I prefer this one, that I just made up: the characters continue to live out their happy lives, occasionally bumping into one another at fancy London film screenings. Alternatively, they decided to just go for it and get one large house together, Big Brother style, where it's Christmas all year round.
I will watch the movie approximately 18 more times and report back with more.

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